Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer 2002 - I went strawberry picking with my children. My son, 10 years old at the time is wondering by the trout pound saying that he will meet us in a few minutes. I went to the fields with my daughters to pick up the strawberries. We are almost done picking when I see him at the other end of the field coming in my direction. I will never for get this picture in my mind since I did not have my camera. I remember the smell of the field since it rain a little that morning.  I can see what he was wearing, his green sweatshirt, the way he walk with his rubber boots, the big live trout in a bag with water on his back and the big smile on his face. The story my son told us about that fish was incredible.  I do not have pictures of this memory but it will for sure end up in one of my scrapbook with the laugh and emotions I felt at the time.

One of the highlight of the Close To My Heart convention last week was meeting Stacy Julian.  Stacy was one of our speaker. How inspiring! Stacy talked about scrapbooking the memories even if you don't have pictures. Memories are all in the feelings and emotions. Sometimes we are so busy taking photos that we forget to enjoy the moment.  We get behind our cameras and  observe rather that participate in the event. Have you ever scrapbook an event without photos? Scrapbooking is not only about the photos, it is also about the memories and the emotions.  On you next scrapbook layout don't forget  about the story behind your pictures.

Happy cropping!


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