Saturday, December 1, 2012

While Supplies Last Sale and Product Retierment

The While Supplies Last sale is currently on!  Numerous Paper packs are available for $2.50, regular retail of $9.95.  Tons of matching embellishments for as low as $1.00!   You can view the full selection here.  All items are while supplies last!

To sweeten the deal even more, from December 1–31, all orders placed on my website that reach or exceed $50 will also include a free Bonding Memories® glue pen (Z553)—a $4.50 value! Shop early, because these deals are only available while supplies last.

But that's not all when placing your online order  join in the Mystery Hostess Gathering  to be enter in a draw to get  $25 of free selected products


2012 Autumn/Winter Idea Book Retiring List

Please note that these items are available only while current supplies last - until December 31st.  If you've had something on your wish list that is now on the retired list - don't hesitate and place your order with me now! 

Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book

Item # Item Description                                                                        Page # 
Z1349 Shimmer Designer Brads 127
Z1360 Rhinestone Designer Brads 127
Z1361 Brads Red Assortment  127
Z1362 Brads Pink Assortment 127
Z1363 Brads Blue Assortment 127
Z1364 Brads Green Assortment 127
Z1365 Brads Basic Assortment 127
Z1387 Wooden Designer Buttons 125
Z1391 Buttons Clear Assortment 125
Z1395 Irresistibles™ Eclectic Chipboard Die-Cuts (the alphabet) 130
Z1465 Irresistibles™ Make-It-Count Numbers 130
Z1681 Dimensional Elements  Numbers  131
Z1761 Dimensional Elements Ornaments 131
Z1762 Dimensional Elements Snowflakes 131
Z1765 Color-Ready Arbor Wooden Shapes 130
X7147C Stella Complements Canvas Shapes 68
X7148C My Stickease® Pemberley Assortment 68
X7150C My Stickease® Victory Assortment 69
X7153C My Stickease® Florentine Assortment 69
X7158C La Belle Vie My Stickease® Assortment 38
X7160C Flirty Complements Dimensional Elements 50
X7161C Moonlight Complements Dimensional Elements 56
X7162C Pear & Partridge Complements Glittery Rub-Ons 62
Z1464 Milepost Shapes 128
Z1466 Bling Assortment 128
Z1695 Urban Felt Alphabet  130
Z1696 Keepsake Felt Alphabet  130
Z1709 Just Blooms® Petals Paper Flowers 129
Z1460 Foundry® Ribbon Slides 126
Z1711 Foundry® Binder Clips 126
Z1712 Foundry® Number Plates  126
Z1461 Décor Journaling Spots 129
Z1687 Bohemian Assortment  128
Z1689 Timeless Charms 128
Z1692 Tough Tags 128
Z1694 Bouquet Assortment 128
Z1741 Haunted Assortment 128
Z1749 Autumn Lane Assortment  128
Z1763 Boutique Assortment 128
Z1772 Dimensional Elements In Color—Holiday 128
Z1393 Mini-Medley Accents Black Collection  126
Z1316 Designer Ribbon Cocoa Collection                                                                                 124
Z1385 Designer Ribbon Blue Collection 124
Z1615 Designer Ribbon Red Collection 124
Z1616 Designer Ribbon Green Collection 124
Z1388 Newsprint Rub-Ons  130
Z1700 Dark Chocolate Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons 126
Z1733 Black Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons 126
Z1743 Festive Velvet Rub-Ons  126
Z1742 Parlor Velvet Rub-Ons 126
Z1407 6" x 6" Olive Quick Pic™ Album 122
Z1408 6" x 6" Pansy Purple Quick Pic™ Album 122
Z1054 My Creations® Display Album 132
Z1378 My Creations® Banner 132
Z1614 My Creations® Memory Game 132
Z188 Craft Jars 120
Z1352 4 1/2" Colonial White Circle Cards 123
Z1353 4 1/2" White Daisy Circle Cards 123
Z1731 My Originals® Sweet Surprises Card Kit 123
X7147B My Reflections® Stella Paper Packet 68
X7148B My Reflections® Pemberley Paper Packet 68
X7150B My Reflections® Victory Paper Packet 69
X7153B My Reflections® Florentine Paper Packet 69
X7158B La Belle Vie Paper Packet  38
X7160B Flirty Paper Packet 50
X7161B Moonlight Paper Packet 56
X7162B Pear & Partridge Paper Packet 62
Z1252 Cutting Knife 135
G1041 Workshops on the Go® Avonlea Cardmaking Kit 22
G1043 Workshops on the Go® Pear & Partridge Cardmaking Kit 66
G1040 Workshops on the Go® Spellbound Cricut® Kit 14
G1042 Workshops on the Go® Scroll Album Kit 23
G1044 Workshops on the Go® Advent Calendar Kit 67
G1045 Workshops on the Go® Avonlea Scrapbooking Kit 21
G1046 Workshops on the Go® Clementine Scrapbooking Kit 29
G1047 Workshops on the Go® Dakota Scrapbooking Kit 35
G1048 Workshops on the Go® La Belle Vie Scrapbooking Kit  41
G1049 Workshops on the Go® Scholastic Scrapbooking Kit 47
G1050 Workshops on the Go® Flirty Scrapbooking Kit 53
G1051 Workshops on the Go® Moonlight Scrapbooking Kit 59
G1052 Workshops on the Go® Pear & Partridge Scrapbooking Kit 65

Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book
Item # Item Description Page # 
A1104 A Tweet 90
A1111 A Tulip 68
A1116 A Melody 94
A1122 Bravo 92
A1128 Quick Cards—Shell 80
A1129 A Rainbow 85
B1365 Spring Up 71
B1369 Rosy Regards 67
B1374 Bee Happy 83
B1397 He Is Risen 74
B1402 My Peeps 72
C1439 Enjoy Life 95
C1440 Take a Picture 93
C1442 Tailor-Made 94
C1450 Eclectic Edges 99
C1452 Delight 71
C1455 Aspire 96
C1456 Heartfelt Treasures 68
C1457 Happy Camper 84
C1458 Paper Lantern 90
C1473 Remarkable Wreath 70
C1474 10 Things 105
C1485 Super Powers 47
C1498 Country Life 82
C1499 Perfect Day 80
D1195 The Works Alphabet 117
D1222 Tiny Typewriter Alphabet 117
D1296 Chocolate Alphabet Small 114
D1301 Hodge Podge Alphabet 114
D1303 Classmate Alphabet 114
D1462 Splendid Day 77
D1464 Card Chatter—Love 106
D1467 Trees & Things 76
D1472 Simple Memories 66
D1478 Bingo Alphabet 113
D1505 Roar! 89
D1508 Diverse Backgrounds 102
D1509 Magic Adventures 78
D1511 Kick Back 81

Field Trip Alphabet


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The right tools

Hi everyone,

I am always looking to find ways to make your crafting experience the most enjoyable. With the right tools it make all the difference. I love the quilling tool to make the rosettes, watch this video and see by yourself!

Happy Scrapin'

Thursday, September 13, 2012

No patern paper... No problem

I have received this  kit  at the Close To My Heart convention in Dallas last July.  This was my chance to try some new products and techniques.  For this layout we did not use any  Background and Texture paper ( B&T) , we made our own.
This is a good technique to use when you can't find the right colour of  B&T paper for your layout.  In this case we used the "Love Blooms" stamp set to create my own B&T paper.  I used a piece of  "Whisper" card stock  and randomly stamp the small flower image using "Slate" ink.   

A few hints using this technique:

-Stamp your image creating a  visual triangles
-Use part of the image on the side of your paper ( not full image)
- Turn the image (specially on a big piece of paper)
- Start with the large image first ( if you are using different image sizes)
- Know when to stop.

On other product I love is the "Irresistibles Houndstooth Alphabet".  These letters are great and so versatile.
Just ink them with the colour of your choice to have the perfect match with your cardstock or embellishments.  With this you can complete your layout in no time.

This layout is found it the Make it from Your Heart Volume 1  ( Item 9035)

All products used are Close To My Heart otherwise mention.

Cashmere (X5932)
Slate Exclusive Ink Pad  (Z2173)

Monday, September 10, 2012

They are clearly the best!

I love my Close To My Heart stamps. Over the years I have used different stamp, wood mounted stamp, some  that I had to mount my self on a wood block, and clear stamps from other company.   Have you ever bought a stamp set and when you tried to use it, it did not performed as expected?  It happened to me too.  Once I bought a stamp set and as I was taking it of from the storage sheet it just broke in my hand.  One other time I invest more money to buy a better quality set (I taught)  but was never able to get a crisp image.  I found that My Acrylix stamp set are the best on the market.They are made of the highest quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure crisp impression every time.  Since they are clear, I can see where I stamp and even layer some of the stamps

If you are in the Calgary area and would like to try My Acrylix stamps by your self  do not hesitate to contact me. We will get together and  create a small project so you too would say that they are clearly the best!

Watch this video on : My Craft Channel: Bend It, Curve It, Stamp It 

and see for your self why they are the Best!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I am so excited! Today is the launch of our new Autumn and Winter Idea Book. I love the new products: paper, colour,Workshop On The Go, Decor Items, storage item and more.  You can view the new Idea Book on line. If you want a copy of this new book please contact me. I will be happy to send you a free copy  with any order or gathering booking. Get your friends together and I will show you how to create  Simpler, Easier and Faster. I love the art work that is display in this book  and feel confident that I can create artwork that is as beautiful using Close To My Heart Product.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Chance

This is your last chance to get these paper packet

Footloose, Lucy,Superhero, Cruisin' Typset, Roxy, Elemental and Sonoma

I love the Footloose paper packet for summer and beach pictures and  the Cruisin' paper packet for road trip vacation.

If you have any project that you need to complete with these beautiful paper packets you need to order them no later than July 31 as we will kiss them goodbye!   Get ready to scrapbook your summer pictures. You can place your order online by joining my gathering.  It is also your last chance to get the  July stamp of the month : Live Out Loud and  Perfect Pair special.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Would you like to earn money doing what you love?
Are you a scrapbooker or a card maker and would like to pay less for quality product?

I have a deal for you!  Join my team!  Get the  NEW CONSULTANT KIT   for $49.00 (a retail value of $130.00)

For more information do not hesitate to contact me

The Essentials kit is everything you need to meet your crafting and career needs.

Essential Kit:

(until quantity last)

If you would like to be you own boss, as a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant, you can work in the comfort of you own home. Close To My Heart has the best training tools for your business to be successful.

The master kit is only $99.00 ( a retail value of $280.00) includes everything in the Essentials kit plus more supplies and 5 Studio J layouts. 

Master Kit: 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer 2002 - I went strawberry picking with my children. My son, 10 years old at the time is wondering by the trout pound saying that he will meet us in a few minutes. I went to the fields with my daughters to pick up the strawberries. We are almost done picking when I see him at the other end of the field coming in my direction. I will never for get this picture in my mind since I did not have my camera. I remember the smell of the field since it rain a little that morning.  I can see what he was wearing, his green sweatshirt, the way he walk with his rubber boots, the big live trout in a bag with water on his back and the big smile on his face. The story my son told us about that fish was incredible.  I do not have pictures of this memory but it will for sure end up in one of my scrapbook with the laugh and emotions I felt at the time.

One of the highlight of the Close To My Heart convention last week was meeting Stacy Julian.  Stacy was one of our speaker. How inspiring! Stacy talked about scrapbooking the memories even if you don't have pictures. Memories are all in the feelings and emotions. Sometimes we are so busy taking photos that we forget to enjoy the moment.  We get behind our cameras and  observe rather that participate in the event. Have you ever scrapbook an event without photos? Scrapbooking is not only about the photos, it is also about the memories and the emotions.  On you next scrapbook layout don't forget  about the story behind your pictures.

Happy cropping!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What a great convention!

I had such a great time at the convention in Dallas, Texas last week! It was my first convention and was so trilled to meet the Close To My Heart family.  Beside all the art work, classes, new products and games, the most amazing part for me was the banquet where they give the awards.  I was so honored to receive the award for New Consultant Top Sale Canada, in front of hundreds of people. I felt like winning an Oscar!  So here are my thank you.

I would like to thank my family, my dear  husband Daniel, my children Stéfanny, Karine and Marc-Olivier for their support in my new career. My dear friend Susie, thank you, without you this would have not been possible you gave me the confidence and the vision that I could do it.  Thank you Carla, my mentor. Your support is giving me wings to reach my goals. Most of all, I would like to thank all my clients. Your support is invaluable. I do it because I love it but  the gift of your friendship is priceless.  There is a piece of each of you in this award. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Monday, July 16, 2012

New announcement

Fabulous Changes with CTMH and Retiring Product Lists

I've seen the New Autumn/Winter Idea Book and it is fabulous!

There are usually changes with the Autumn/Winter Idea Book and this one is no different.
  • Studio J will no longer have memberships.  Everyone will be able to access all the great kits and patterns for $6.95 per layout and free jpegs of your layouts.
  • NEW Exclusive Cricut Cartridge
  • 6 new colors: Ruby, Saddle, Cashmere, Champagne, Slate and Whisper and a revamped color palette.
  • All new alcohol markers: 2 shades for each of our colors
  • Cardstock available in 24 packs of each color
  • 13 WOTG kits: 8 scrapbooking kits, 2 cardmaking kits and 2 home decor kits
  • New Storage Options
  • New Pigment Ink stacks

CTMH also announced some changes in the New Consultant Kit.
There are now two options to sign up to be a consultant.

For only $49: Essentials Kit (retail value $130)


$99 for Masters Kit (retail value $280)
Essentials kit plus items pictured below

And if you join my team in the month of August, you also receive this wonderful bag that they just received in Texas at convention.
(while supplies last)

This highlights just some of the wonderful changes that this book will bring.

With every book, some items also need to retire:

Our color palette will go to 40 colors plus 2 shades of white.
The following colors are retiring:

Grey Wool
Grey Flannel
Vanilla Cream
Brown Bag
Baby Pink
Sunkiss Yellow
Key Lime
Heavenly Blue
Lilac Mist
Holiday Red
Sunny Yellow
Dutch Blue
Vineyard Berry
Garden Green
Spring Iris
Pansy Purple

Stamp Sets and other items retiring as of July 31:

Lucy Paper Pack
Superhero Paper Pack
Footloose Paper Pack
Cruisin' Paper Pack
Z1163 Double Scrubber (Note: Being replaced with a new version.)
Z1006 Microfiber Cloth
Z1404 Quick Pic 12x12 Album - Dark Cranberry
Z1405 Quick Pic 12x12 Album - Outdoor Denim
Z1406 Quick Pic 12x12 Album - Dark Chocolate
Z4110 Snapease Album System
Z1323 Clear Cards - 4 1/4" x 5 ½" Asst.
Z1309 Clear Cards - 4 ½” Asst.
Z1383 Sweet Leaf Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon
Z1384 Designer Ribbon - Pink Collection
Z1397 Canvas Badge Buttons
Z1367 Bitty Brads Basic Asst
Z1368 Bitty Brads Metal Asst
Z1104 Clear Sparkles (Note: Being replaced with all round sparkles)
Z1698 Mini-Medley Accents - Pacifica
Z1320 Mini-Medley Accents - Tulip
Z1338 Mini-Medley Accents - Sunset
Z1488 Mini-Medley Accents - Honey
Z1403 Photo Hangers
Z1402 Hinges
Z1690 Bitty Buds Asst
Z1691 Bottle Caps
Z1693 Seaside Wooden Shapes (SOLD OUT)
Z1688 Comic Badge Buttons
Z1635 Heirloom Asst
Z1337 Dimensional Elements Ornaments (Note: Updated to coordinate with Cricut Artiste)
Z1224 My Creations All Sorts Mini Album
Z1334 My Creations Mix & Mingle Mini Album
Z1321 My Creations A-Door-Ables
Z1152 My Creations Cube
4275 My Legacy Writers
Z338 Euro Personal Trimmer (Note: Being replaced with Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Trimmer)
Z339 Euro Trimmer Replacement Blades
Z340 Euro Trimmer Replacement Blade/Scoring
1766 Dotto Dots Dispenser
1767 Dotto Dots Refill

We have been told that our My Acrylix Stamp Sets are available for a period of one year - the current Idea Book and the one previous. Based on that, I have gone through the new AW 2012 book, SS 2012 book and AW 2011 book and believe these ones are going to be retired as they are NOT in the new AW 2012 book or the SS 2012 book.

A1095 Always Remember
A1099 Angel Sent
A1107 A Twinkle
A1108 A Flitter
A1109 A Sip
A1110 A Timber
A1113 A Game
A1115 A Holiday
B1356 St. Nick
B1359 Fright Night
B1361 Tannenbaum
B1362 Tag The Occasion
B1381 Holiday Cheer
B1393 Joyful Jar
B1394 John 3:16
C1379 Holiday Commentary
C1382 Holiday Commentary - Spanish
C1383 Holiday Commentary - French
C1401 Friendship Alphabet Small
C1408 Live Inspired
C1419 Harvest Home
C1420 Snow Days
C1423 Captured Moments
C1424 Nature's Gift
C1425 Month By Month
C1426 Thanksgiving
C1427 I Believe
C1429 Party Pennants
C1465 Unscripted
C1468 Winter Joy
C1470 Gnome Garden
C1471 Happy Clusters
C1472 Bundled Buddies
D1136 Giggle Caps
D1137 Giggle Lowercase
D1267 Rustic Numbers
D1306 Treasure Life
D1308 All Decked Out
D1373 Childhood Portrait
D1384 Snow Flurries
D1386 Save The Date
D1387 Made With Love
D1397 Save The Date - French
D1398 Save The Date - Spanish
D1401 Authentic
D1436 The Present
D1437 Party Animal
D1446 Adorn-able
D1449 Father Christmas
D1493 Fill In The Blank - Holiday
D1499 Live Your Style
E1002 Rustic Alphabet
E1006 Baroque Alphabet
E1011 Headline Alphabet Large
E1016 Friendship Alphabet Large

If there any of these colors or items that you can't live without, now is the time to get them.
You can contact me or take advantage of the Perfect Pairs promotion on my website.

Shop Here

Happy scrapin' day!