Monday, September 10, 2012

They are clearly the best!

I love my Close To My Heart stamps. Over the years I have used different stamp, wood mounted stamp, some  that I had to mount my self on a wood block, and clear stamps from other company.   Have you ever bought a stamp set and when you tried to use it, it did not performed as expected?  It happened to me too.  Once I bought a stamp set and as I was taking it of from the storage sheet it just broke in my hand.  One other time I invest more money to buy a better quality set (I taught)  but was never able to get a crisp image.  I found that My Acrylix stamp set are the best on the market.They are made of the highest quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure crisp impression every time.  Since they are clear, I can see where I stamp and even layer some of the stamps

If you are in the Calgary area and would like to try My Acrylix stamps by your self  do not hesitate to contact me. We will get together and  create a small project so you too would say that they are clearly the best!

Watch this video on : My Craft Channel: Bend It, Curve It, Stamp It 

and see for your self why they are the Best!

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